Have Your Tax Return Won /// Specialistes en offshore au Nevada


Nevada Is The Jurisdiction Of Choice For Many Europeans

This Is The Place Where You Make Money


Sole Proprietorship, Partnerships, Corporations

Constitution, Corporate Compliance, Bookkeeping, Tax Planning.

We are Specialists in Nevada Offshore, and Offshore Banking In Nevada.

Nous sommes les specialists de l'optimisation fiscale au Nevada, contactez-vous.


We are IRS Certifying Acceptance Agents, and get your new ITIN in four weeks; with an ITIN you can get additional child credits for each dependent on your tax return. Skype ID:
With an ITIN, you also can do business based on the U.S.


We bring about $1,000 refund more than the nationwide average, based on our statistics.  We also reduce your taxes to the mininum conceivably but lawfully possible; 940s, 1040s, 1065, 1120s and 1120, i.e., non profits, individuals, partnerships, corporations.
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